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4 Responses to "Yourself in Pixels – Pixel Portraits".

  1. Prissila says:

    I am not sure if these are real people but they sure are good,If I could make one of me I would
    have it on the wall of my bedroom or living room 🙂 .

    Who ever came up with the idea keep going, you should put some flyers up to get more publisty.

  2. Ellie says:


  3. Cess says:

    hi, how can i get a picture of me pixelated?

  4. Danté says:

    Awesome, I think that Pixelarting is something dificult right?
    Im just starting doing easy and simple things like drowing clothes or that kind of things, but this is very awesome!

    I just want to say Wow!

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